How a Group of Americans Challenged Military Intelligence in West Berlin: Low-tech Surveillance, Whistleblowers and the Court Case That Resulted

The plaintiffs in this complicated case have been telling a simplified version of our story for the last 40 years. Now, as issues of surveillance are becoming more and more relevant, there’s all the more reason for us to get it exactly right. This report explains what happened.

This case study was written by Ann Wertheimer, a member of Americans in Berlin for Mc-Govern (later Concerned Americans in Berlin [CAIB] and then the Berlin Democratic Club), with many thanks to everyone who sent me their notes and told me their recollections, with special thanks to Douglas Hillmer, whose contemporaneous notes from 1973 provided the framework for this report. And once again, a big thank-you to our lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – Mark Lynch, John Shattuck, William Schaap and David Addlestone. We hope that our continuing donations to the ACLU reflect our gratitude.  Here is the Case Study.

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