Ava’s Transatlantic Green Salon

Ava’s Transatlantic Green Salon is an informal, Berlin-based forum on sustainability. We aim to create connections – within Berlin and on a transatlantic level – among people who are working on these issues or interested in becoming more active or informed. Many Americans are keenly interested in European approaches to sustainable living (and vice versa!), but language barriers and knowledge gaps often impede dialogue. This is where we hope to help.

Our blog covers sustainability-related articles, events and initiatives with brief summaries in German and English.

Public salon events held at various Berlin locations will offer German and American perspectives on specific sustainability issues or initiatives. We aim to reach an audience of experts and non-experts alike who are encouraged to contribute toward a lively discussion. Discussions will be documented and archived (see Salon Archive) as an ongoing resource.

To whatever extent possible – we are a volunteer, no-budget operation! – we will facilitate networking between Germans and Americans active in the sustainability field. We are eager to cooperate with initiatives in the field, whether by exchanging links, sharing information, cross-publicizing or collaborating on events. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

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