Women’s March in Berlin—Press Coverage!

Allison Brown at the 2019 Women’s March in Berlin

Allison Brown was part of the AVA-Berlin contingent at the Women’s March in Berlin last Saturday (3rd Annual Women’s March on January 19th, 2019). Allison’s handmade sign, which read, “Women are the Wall and Trump will pay!” made the headline, literally, of the Pressenza (International Press Agency) website’s coverage of the event. Allison wrote to let us know:

“My sign made the headlines! I had been a bit uncertain if Germans would all understand it, as a young German demo-participant asked me politely if I could explain it to her (and then she passed the info on to her girlfriends!). They hadn’t understood it metaphorically and were wondering what Trump was going to pay for! :-)”

The article briefly describes the demo, which was organized by Democrats Abroad Berlin, but it leaves the major part of the story to be conveyed by the accompanying slide show. The photographs capture the signs, the hopeful mood, and the youth of many of the participants. Whether or not you were present, it’s worth a visit to the Pressenza website; be sure to scroll down to see the slide show.

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