Friday May 24 Demonstration

There’s Fridays for Future, Scientists for Future, and even Artists, 
Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers for Future….and now there’s 
Freelancers for Future. On Friday, May 24, is Global Climate Strike 2, 
perhaps the largest worldwide demonstration ever. Its purpose is to 
change the course of the European elections and influence climate policy 
worldwide. A  group of us — freelancers of different stripes, writers, 
scholars, expats, pensioners, and anyone else who wants to join — is 
meeting at 11:45 in front of Dunkin Donuts on Pariser Platz. We intend 
to demonstrate together with the kids, in solidarity with them, which 
they have expressly encouraged adults to do. We will have a Freelancers 
for Future sign and will join the demo at 12:00 when it begins. If 
there’s interest, perhaps we can make more of Freelancers for Future 
in the future.

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