About the upcoming July 4th Stammtisch

This year the first Thursday of July falls on the 4th. That means that our Stammtisch will also be our ‘celebration’ of Independence Day. We all know what there is to celebrate and what not. And on Thursday we can talk about everything – the atrocities at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Democratic candidates and the debates, Iran, the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding gerrymandering and the census. We’ve also got news about our participation in upcoming events: demonstrations, films, special Stammtische.  
So come to Café Daddy, Kolonnenstrasse. 50 in Schöneberg, right near the Julius-Leber-Brücke S-Bahn station. We’ll be in the middle room from 8:00 to 10:00pm. Café Daddy is a family-run Turkish café featuring homemade dishes like stuffed peppers and zucchini pancakes, and cake baked on the premises. There are a few new items on the menu.
And, for those of you who are in or near Washington, D.C., or have friends in the area:  AVAer Doug Hillmer has been organizing a group of Trump opponents to prevent the traditional July 4 celebration on the Mall from turning into a Trump rally.

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