Join AVA for the demonstration: Global Climate Action

“Over the last year, youth around the world have led the way by walking out of class and demanding accountability from our elected officials. Now, they’re calling on people of all ages to join them in the streets. . . . “

WHAT:      Global Climate Action

WHEN:     Friday, September 20, 12:00 noon

WHERE:   Pariser Platz, near the U.S. Embassy

Three days before the UN Climate Summit in New York, and the actual day when the German government decides its ‘Klimaschutzpaket’! “Sie will die wichtigen Fragen Knacken: Ob wir ein Klimaschutzgesetz bekommen. Wie schnell der Kohlenausstieg geht. Ob ein CO2-Preis kommt—und in welcher Höhe.”

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