Ukraine Solidarity Rally — Photographs from along the demonstration route

The Ukraine Solidarity Rally held in Berlin on February 27th was reportedly attended by more than 100,000 people, some AVA members among them. Karen Axelrad took photos around the Siegelsäule (see one of her photos below and go to to see more), while Bonnie Woods was covering the other end of the demonstration near the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and Holocaust Memorial (Bonnie’s photos shown here below).

More Photos from Karen Axelrad here on Flickr:

Photos from Bonnie Woods on this page below:

Ukrainian and Russian are two different languages, but their word for “Peace” is the same.
In German and Russian: “NO WAR”
In Ukrainian: “Long Live the Ukraine!”
Mother and Son: In Hebrew and Ukrainian [loose translation] “Fck Putin!!”
Two demonstrators on their way to the peace march on Bus #165
Ukrainian demonstrator at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. “Hands Off!”
In Ukrainian: “Putin – War Criminal!”
Ukrainian flag colors, planned attire
Sign by a young designer, Tiergarten, Berlin
With the Reichstag as background, “We Are the Ukraine”
A demonstrator from a Georgian group
Family group, in Russian and Ukrainian: “No War, Hands Off Ukraine, Fck Putin, Stop Russian Aggression”

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